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A new client session is required for all new BN clients if purchasing outside of a testing package. Plan for 60 minutes.



What Clients Are Saying:

“This process is, in a word, empowering. Knowing what’s going on in my body is helping me piece together a large medical and mental health puzzle with help from my medical team. Catherine’s knowledge is extensive, and her personable and positive manner helped me feel a greater sense of agency and optimism about my concerns. Beyond learning about the current mineral balance in my body, I learned a great deal from Catherine about how minerals interact to produce specific outcomes in the body and how simple, straight-forward adjustments to my diet and lifestyle could significantly reduce challenging medical and mental health symptoms. It is clear that Catherine is both a passionate nutritional therapist and a person of great integrity.” (Kelsey, Hair Analysis Client)

“I was on Catherine’s mailing list for a while before taking the plunge. I wish I had done it a while ago. I’d say if you’re thinking about it, do it. Catherine talks to you to find out where you are and what you want. Then she uses the data to see what is going on with you and helps you work out what to do to make things better. There is no one pill that you can take, but she shows you that through diet (and perhaps some supplements) and understanding something about what’s going on with your body, you can improve different aspects. I learned so many things from my consultation! I did the hair, blood (fatty acids) and GI mapping (stool) testing and I loved how Catherine went through all of the tests at the same time and then the plan. I was able to see how all the parts went together and what I could do to help various areas using mainly food with a little supplement assistance. It was a lot to take in, but Catherine really broke it down. I didn’t really know what to expect from the consultation, but I was delighted with how it went. Catherine really took her time going through the different parts and then her recommendations for me. She answered all my questions as we went along and made sure I understood. She was very positive and friendly. The most important thing people should know is that Catherine really cares about the people she works with. You can tell – that is not something you can fake. She takes her time going through everything and answers all your questions patiently. She also regularly checks to see if you understand/have question. Most importantly, the plan is completely personal to you based on your data and what you have told her in your consultation and survey.” (Marie, Hair Analysis, Omega Fatty Acid Testing and GI Map Client)

“I am so grateful to have found Catherine! The process is so quick/easy and Catherine takes her time explaining everything step by step. She truly cares about the well-being of her clients. Catherine does an excellent job of explaining the process, going over results of tests and follow-ups.” (Misty, Wealthy Metabolism eCourse, Omega Fatty Acid Testing and Hair Analysis Client)

“Catherine is extremely thorough, friendly, and knowledgeable. She really took the time to look at my diet and lifestyle to make sure she had the entire picture before making any recommendations. You will get an excellent picture of what deficiencies exist in your diet and very simple solutions that can be fixed with food rather than supplements. I learned so much and thought it was worth every penny. I plan do to a follow up as well as get my family tested.” (Nicole, Hair Analysis Client)

“Hair analysis is easy and very interesting. I learned proper eating to make up for my deficiencies per the hair analysis. Catherine is amazing. Super knowledgeable about balancing your body and a pleasure to talk to. She can explain things that would normally make no sense to most people, like the charts, in a clear and pleasant manner.” (Lee, Hair Analysis Client)

“There is hope to feeling better! I have done everything out there to improve my health, but it has never gotten to where I feel it should be. I had a feeling it was my food choices, even though I was eating a healthy diet. It just wasn’t what my body was actually needing! What you put in is what you get out of your body. There are no quick fixes to anything, but with the right nourishment, you can set your body up for the best outcome. Catherine explains your results in a way that is easy to understand and that makes sense! Everything is super personalized which is what I appreciate most! I have been implementing her recommendations for about a week and already feel more energy. I feel like changes are happening within my body, and I’m hopeful! I learned that healthy foods I thought were good for me weren’t really what my body was asking for! I learned what foods I should be eating for my body at this time, and I feel better for it!” (Emily, Hair Analysis Client)

“I learned how to correct my deficiencies, and how to interpret the most important parts of my results. It was great to get a tailored recommendation, rather than guessing as I’ve done so much in the past. I love the website, and it has a ton of info and really helped me to understand how she operates. So I would recommend anyone to check out her website! I also contacted Catherine with questions before I bought the test, and she kindly responded in a prompt manner. I’m super happy and can’t wait to see what will change for me. I feel like Catherine really cares about her clients, and she was very generous with her time. I also like that she is not dogmatic about what people should/shouldn’t do. She gives you recommendations and then you can pick how quickly they want to make positive changes to your health.” (Lillian, Hair Analysis Client)

“I am extremely satisfied with my hair analysis consultation. I learned about the variety of minerals and relationships between them, and between them and wellness. Catherine’s the real deal — professional, personable, knowledgeable. Best thing is she isn’t about a “hook” — her philosophy is to help and disengage –being there for support if needed or wanted. As I mentioned above — Catherine is not about a revenue stream, but about truly helping. Her approach and philosophy results in confidence in you and her ability to help with my wellness journey.” (Matt, Hair Analysis Client)

“The Hair Analysis process is simple and easy to complete. I learned what nutrients I was lacking and how to raise the levels by using real food and not more pills. Catherine reviews the results and give practical solutions through food to correct your balances. Catherine is knowledgeable, thorough and communicates very well. EVEN when you are not sure what you are talking about. She weeds through all the information from your results and focuses on your needs.“ (Jean, Hair Analysis Client)

“I found out some things about nutrition that I NEVER knew. I know it will help me feel better and ultimately that is what I wanted out of this process! I would highly recommend it! If you have been following Catherine for a while, you surely understand her philosophy on nutrition, and she is extremely smart, helpful and really knows what the hair analysis shows. Catherine is genuine and takes the time needed to help you understand.” (Bella, Hair Analysis Client)

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